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Crash Barry to debut June 30 in The Daily Sun

Starting Saturday, June 30, best-selling Maine author Crash Barry's weekly look at the seamy side of Maine life — The Crash Report — will appear exclusively in the Portland Daily Sun.crash-barry
"I'm very happy to be teaming up with the Portland Daily Sun. I'm a big fan of free newspapers and community journalism," said Barry. "I'm also excited to be practicing old-school muckraking that focuses on the enemies of Maine's unique way of life. Namely, the one-percenters who fatten their wallets with tax breaks and subsidies at the expense of the rest of us. And I'll be taking a close look at the thugs and gangsters involved with the industrial, lobbying and political wings of the corporatists' crony capitalism."
As a longtime Maine writer and manual laborer who has trouble keeping a job, Barry has spent time as a newspaper reporter, demolitionist, talk show producer, alpaca herdsman, media critic, janitor, novelist, cow milker, memoirist, bartender, sternman, investigative print and radio journalist and rock'n roll stagehand.
"From the eastern islands to the western foothills, I've been lucky to work all over Maine. I've lived on the coast, in the cities, on farms and in the woods. I have yet, however, set foot in Aroostook County, because of my insatiable potato addiction," said Barry, who lives on a homestead in the foothills of eastern Oxford County with his wife, dogs, chickens and pigs. "Over the last two decades, I've learned first hand that the economics and issues affecting Mainers are as varied as the land-and-seascape. It's part of the reason why life here is so interesting."
"We're looking forward to what Crash does on a weekly basis," said Daily Sun publisher Mark Guerringue. "He's one of those true populists who investigates issues, then calls 'em as he sees 'em. Doesn't matter if the prey is conservative or liberal. For Crash there are no sacred cows."
Barry will continue writing for the Bollard, a Portland monthly newsmagazine that publishes his column One Maniac's Meat and his long-form investigative pieces, like his May cover story that detailed Senate candidate Angus King's extensive corporate ties to the financial, banking and energy sectors.
"These are desperate times. Rising food, fuel and energy costs continue to affect the majority of Mainers trying to recover from the Great Recession. Meanwhile, bankers and energy speculators grow richer while the gap between the wealthy and working poor continues to widen. And that bothers me. Big time," said Barry. "Thanks to support from the Daily Sun, I'll be able to investigate these issues from a perspective the mainstream media tends to ignore."
Barry, the author of the novel "Sex, Drugs and Blueberries" and the memoir "Tough Island," has a new book coming out this fall. "Marijuana Valley," a true story about a group of misfits and freaks growing ganja on a secret, but legal, pot farm.

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